Confront The King


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Overview

This is it, the final showdown between the Mages Guild and Mannimarco, Hannibal Traven asks you to defend the guild and defeat the king of worms once and for all.

[edit] A Noble Sacrifice

Traven explains that Mannimarco intended to trap his soul within the Colossal Black Soul gem, he then tells you that he wants you to stop Mannimarco and pronounces you Arch Mage of the Guild. Traven then traps his soul in the gem , killing himself and making you immune to some of Mannimarco's magic.

[edit] Going to Echo Cave

Search Travens Corpse to get his robes (this way you'll get two sets overall) and the filled soul gem and then leave the tower. Head to Echo Cave , west of Bruma and kill the Necromancers outside and taking the cave key off their bodies before heading in.

[edit] Confronting the King

Make your way through the cave, killing all the Necromancers in your way. Follow your compass until you reach the area called 'Necromancer Chamber'. Once you reach Mannimarco you will be trapped on the small island by a bone cage and Mannimarco will paralyze you. He will then engage in a conversation with you, after he stops talking he'll attempt to turn you into a worm thrall. However the soul gem you are carrying makes you immune to this so he just starts attacking you normally, fight back and kill him. Loot his corpse (for his King of Worms' Robes and the Staff of Worms) and return to Raminus Polus.

[edit] Endgame and Being the New Arch Mage

Talking to Raminus will end the quest and reward you as being the new Arch Mage, unlocking one of the Xbox 360 Achievements. As the Arch Mage you can now access the Arch Mage's quarters with its own spell making and enchanting altars i also dont advise storing items in this area as the containers are unreliable. You also get the special Enchanted Chest that duplicates almost any alchemical ingredient stored in there. You can also ask one of the Mage Apprentice's round the university to follow you around.

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