Daedric Shrine

The Daedric Shrine quests are done by request of a Daedric Prince, you are then given a Daedric Artifact for a Reward. Hidden across Cyrodiil are Fifteen Daedric Shrines, each with certain offering requirements. Although there is a Shrine to Mehrunes Dagon located in the Lake Arrius Caverns, no quest is received from it. Even though the Daedra worship is illegal in Morrowind, it is not deemed illegal in Cyrodiil.

Hermaeus Mora's Shrine.

[edit] Daedric Shrine Requirements

Each Daedric Shrine has a level and offering requirement, some Shrines such as Azura's Quest can be done at the Level of 2 and above. But it's handy to complete most Shrine Quests later on, when you are above Level 25. This is because most of the Artifacts are leveled, and getting the best is always helpful. The list of requirements are below:

  • Azura's Shrine: Level 2 - Requires Glow Dust.
  • Boethia: Level 20 - Requires Daedra Heart.
  • Clavicus Vile: Level 20 - Requires 500 Gold.
  • Hermaeus Mora: Level 20+ - Completion of all other Daedric Shrine quests, and have started Blood of the Daedra quest.
  • Hircine: Level 17 - Requires Bear Pelt or Wolf Pelt.
  • Malacath: Level 10 - Requires Troll Fat.
  • Mephala: Level 15 - Requires Night Shade.
  • Meridia: Level 10 - Requires Bonemeal, Ectoplasm or Mort Flesh.
  • Molag Bal: Level 17 - Requires Lion Pelt.
  • Namira: Level 5 - Personality Stat must be lower than 20. (Drinking wine is a useful and quick way to down the stat).
  • Nocturnal: Level 10 - No Requirement.
  • Peryite: Level 10 - No Requirement.
  • Sanguine: Level 8 - Requires Cyrodilic Brandy.
  • Sheogorath: Level 2 - Requires Lesser Soul Gem, Lettuce and Yarn.
  • Vaermina: Level 5 - Requires Black Soul Gem.
The locations of each Daedric Shrine in Cyrodiil.

[edit] Rewards

There are many different rewards from the Daedric Shrine quests, some can be found annoying while some can be found to help them throughout the game.

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