Farwil Indarys

Farwil Indarys
0884.jpg Farwil Indarys as he is first seen within Oblivion.
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Farwil Indarys is a male Dunmer and is the son of Count Andel Indarys. He is so keen to prove himself as a Knight that when an Oblivion Gate opens up right outside of Cheydinhal he rushes straight in there and you have to go and save him in the quest The Wayward Knight. He is part of the Knights of the Thorn Faction. He usually charges straight into the path of Daedra when you try to rescue him. He is more of a nuisance than anything else. If you hit him you must yeild to him, but beware; he isn't an easy yeilder. In the worst case scenario you won't be able to yeild to him because you've attacked him too many times. In that case you must use a charm spell or kill him. But you will forfeit your reward and will gain 2 infamy.

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