Fighter's Stronghold

The Fighter's Stronghold is a castle with all the perks and benefits of Lordship.

The Fighter's Stronghold (or more simply known as Battlehorn Castle) Downloadable Content (DLC) is the ninth and final plugin to be made available for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It costs $1.89 for the PC version or 150 MS points for the Xbox 360 version.

[edit] Details & Features

  • Adds a castle to the region west of Chorrol and includes all the necessities to live the well deserved life of a lord and hero of Cyrodiil.
  • Includes a unique security force that patrols the castle and can be recruited to assist with your adventures; known as the Knights of the True Horn.
  • With all upgrades purchased, you're provided with a combat trainer to spar with, a maid in your bedroom who gives you food and drink, a cook who gives access to large amount of food and a taxidermist who can stuff certain animals and creatures to decorate your throne room.

[edit] Lord Kelvyn's Last Will and Testament

I, Lord Kelvyn, son of Jaren, and a sworn Knight of the True Horn, upon my death do hereby bequeath Battlehorn Castle and all her lands, dependents, and chattels to the bearer of this document.

Such an unusual document requires some explanation. I resort to such measures out of desperation. I pen this while Battlehorn Castle lies besieged by a band of ruthless marauders, with little hope that any of us will survive. "Besieged" I say, although this petty battle would not have even rated a footnote in the great days of the Knights of the True Horn. We have fallen on hard times, indeed.

I will entrust this document to my last faithful retainers, with instructions to destroy it in the last extremity, although I accept that I may have provided the means for my murderers to legally take the lordship of Battlehorn Castle. So be it.

To the new lord of Battlehorn Castle, whoever you are, know that you inherit a stronghold with a proud tradition. Battlehorn Castle was built by a remnant of the Knights of the True Horn who were exiled from our homeland of Lainlyn in Hammerfell. After a failed battle to dethrone Baron Shrike of Lainlyn, our leader, Lord Kain, ordered us to split up into as many small groups as possible until the time should come that he would recall us. My father was part of a group that settled here in Cyrodiil and built Battlehorn Castle as a refuge while they waited for Lord Kain's message... a message that never arrived.

Over the years, all the Knights of our little band either gave up or passed on, all but one: my father Jaren. Since his untimely death, I have continued to hold Battlehorn Castle in the hope that someday we will hear from Lord Kain and our great exile will be at an end.

I am afraid that the fortunes of Battlehorn Castle have fallen on hard times. What resources I had available I devoted to maintaining the castle itself -- its walls still stand strong and its hearths still provide warmth. Sadly, this came at great cost, and many of the items within its walls had to be sold in order to meet the enormous payments such maintenance begets. If you find yourself with the means to restore Battlehorn Castle to its former glory, a friend of my father's named Nilphas Omellian still holds many of the castle accoutrements in storage and on account. All that is required is to repay the Castle's debts to Nilphas, and I'm certain he'll happily return the items.

My final request for the new lord of Battlehorn Castle is to continue to uphold the proud traditions of the Knights of the True Horn, and to honor the memory of our brave service.

[edit] Upgrades

A total of 10 upgrades can be purchased for Battlehorn Castle; all from Nilphas Omellian who is located in the Imperial City's The Merchant's Inn.

Categories Cost Synopsis
Battlehorn Bedroom 2510 SeptimCoin.png Several furnishings are added including a bed, closet, drawers, bookshelf and some tables. Also, a maid named Rona Benanius is hired and can provide you with food and drink.
Battlehorn Dining Area 2510 SeptimCoin.png The dining room is re-stocked with finer silver dishware, goblets and food.
Battlehorn Guard Captain 2510 SeptimCoin.png A captain of the guard is hired named Castellan Athon.
Battlehorn Kitchen Area 2510 SeptimCoin.png The kitchen in the basement is refurbished and a cook named Plautis Rusonius is hired to run the area.
Battlehorn Library Area 2510 SeptimCoin.png A small library with a average selection of books is added to the player's bedroom.
Battlehorn Barracks 2510 SeptimCoin.png The barracks are completely refurbished and two additional Battlehorn Men-At-Arms are recruited and hired.
Battlehorn Training Room 2510 SeptimCoin.png A combat trainer and sparring partner Shagrol gro-Uzug is hired to occupy the training room located in the basement.
Battlehorn Trophy Hall 2510 SeptimCoin.png The taxidermist Melisi Daren is hired to occupy the office of the same name. When provided with the proper pelt or item taken from one of eight creatures, she can order a stuffed version of the animal and have it delivered to your Trophy Room.
Battlehorn Wine Cellar 2510 SeptimCoin.png A winery manager is hired to take care of the Wine Cellar also located in the basement. Talan can also produce unique blends of the alcohol that help provide an edge in battle.
Battlehorn Dwemer Forge 2510 SeptimCoin.png A forge is installed near the smithy's house that boosts the player's Armorer skill when in close proximity to it.

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