Glitches happen in gameplay. Some are problematic, whilst others can affect the player positively.

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NOTE A lot of the glitches on this page are needing confirmation. If you can definatley confrim that a glitch on this page works, either replace '(Unconfirmed)' with '(Confirmed)' or leave a comment via the comment wikimedia markup displayed on the tutorials page.

NOTE 2 Every glitch that is displayed here is done at YOUR OWN RISK!!!. If you end up corrupting anything it is your own fault! Do not come crying to us. If you have a problem with anything though you can ask for help on our discussion boards.


[edit] Glitches that affect the Player positively

There are quite a few glitches that affect you; the player, positively. Starting from most useful to least useful.

[edit] The Duplication Glitch (CONFIRMED)

This, is probably the most famous of Oblivion glitches, the reason being is that it allows you to create as many copies of an item as you wish. Be warned however, that this glitch does cause lag should you dupe enough; also, be wary of how many you duplicate at once. The highest number you shoudl consider is one hundred in a single dupe. Any more and you are very likely to crash your game! Take note, this glitch will not work with certain items, obviously quest items since you cannot drop them, and items such as the Nirnroot etc.

Instructions [Pre-dating the Oblivion 1.2 patch]

1) Get as many arrows as you require, you must have more arrows than how many number of itmes you wish to duplicate.

2) Equip the bow and arrows, prepare to fire, but DO NOT let go of the arrow yet.

3) Return to your inventory

4) Attempt to unequip your arrows, not drop, but unequip

5) Now drop your item

6) Return to your game screen

Congratulations, you have just duplicated!

There are another two versions of this glitch, so keep reading if you can't get this working.

The Duplication Glitch [After the Oblivion 1.2 patch]

Now, this one is a bit easier to do; plus it's easier to understand.

1) Get two or more scrolls, depending upon how many items you require out of your duplication

2) Select your scrolls twice

3) Drop your item

Congrats again to you. Should you require something to dupe quest items however please read on.

[edit] The Skull Of Corruption Duplication Method (CONFIRMED)

This is not all that well known surprisingly. Yet it is one of the best, but it does require you follow it out accordingly, or this glitch will not work.

1) Get any NPC or follower of some kind

2) Paralyze them, then run a fair distance away from them but make sure you can still see them and are able to hit them with a spell

3) Draw your Skull Of Corruption and take aim to your target, judging on how long your paralysis spell lasts you don't have long to do this!

4) Fire at them, but make sure that before the spell hits them you drop the Skull Of Corruption, the game will allow you to drop it not long after you've fired, if it doesn't let you drop it keep trying

5) Your clone is now in existence and it is very much like you. It can use your spells and items that you had in your inventory so be warned, kill your clone and make sure you are over your clones body and can get into his/her inventory immediately, now remember the clones body won't last long so you need to make sure you do this in your time limit! Once you are over your clones body quickly SAVE then load your save, now rapidly press your 'activate' button to get into your clones inventory.

Note: There is a glitch that if you do not have the latest patch for your game, killing your clone will result in you being kicked from ever guild you are in. This is because the games caounts you killign someone from that guild.

BEWARE!!! This version of the glitch will work with most times out there, the only one not obtainable with this glitch is the Amulet of Kings, the reason being is that there is a script in place that removes the Amulet of Kings from the clones inventory. Beware however your duplicated times lose ALL scripts. So Sinderian won't accept duped Nirnroot, the Rumare Slaughterfish won't be accepted etc etc.

Next on our useful glitches list is

[edit] Obtaining Otherwise Unobtainable Clothing Items (MOSTLY CONFIRMED)

This is, a very big glitch that a lot of people have taken advantage of. With this glitch you can obtain:

The Necromancers Amulet (Confirmed)

The Bloodworm Helm (Unconfirmed)

The Emperor's Robes (Confirmed)

The Emperor's Shoes (Confirmed)

The Amulet Of Kings (Unconfirmed)

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