Jeanne Frasoric


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Jeanne Frasoric
Jeanne Frasoric.jpg Jeanne during the Bruma Recommendation quest, after her Manual of Spellcraft has been 'misplaced'.
LocationBruma Mages Guild
Related QuestsBruma Recommendation
A Plot Revealed

Jeanne Frasoric is the head of the Mages Guild in Bruma. She is however very incompetent, and is a poor mage who is only in her position thanks to her 'connections'. She will brag about her friends in high places. In the Bruma Recommendation quest, she needs to you to find J'skar who has gone missing. Actually, J'skar and Volanaro are simply playing another prank on her, a favorite hobby of theirs in the guild as they have no respect for her and apparently have nothing better to do. The fact that Jeanne couldn't even think to use a simple Detect Life spell showcases how bad a mage she is. In the Recommendation quest, for J'skar to reveal his location you must play a prank on Jeanne as well by taking her Manual of Spellcraft out of her desk. Her relying on a book again shows how bad a mage she really is, and Volanaro puts it bluntly when he says "She couldn’t cast her way out of a paper sack. It’s insulting that we’re here, working for her, when she knows nothing."

Spoiler: Spoilers about the quest A Plot Revealed
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