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Kvatch is a city built on top of a mountain plateau in between Anvil and Skingrad on the Gold Coast. Kvatch however is the first city to suffer an Oblivion Invasion of Daedra and when the player reaches the city an Oblivion Gate still stands in front of the devastated city. Inside of Kvatch City walls only the Castle and Chapel remain standing, most of the housing is completely destroyed as is the Kvatch Arena, the ruins of which are visible in the north eastern part of the city. The survivors of the attack on Kvatch are at an encampment just on the hill below the plateau where Kvatch stands. The town merchants sell what stock they have here. Until the attack, the Count of Kvatch was Ormellius Goldwine. The Kvatch Coat of Arms is a large black fox head with white eyes and with no background.
The Kvatch Coat of Arms as seen on the city shield.


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