Mages Guild Suspension

  • Quest Giver: Automatic after breaking Mages Guild rules.
  • Reward: Reinstatement in the Guild.


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Overview

Whenever you steal Guild property or murder another member you are automatically expelled from the Mages Guild. Speaking With Raminus Polus will task you with finding certain alchemical ingriedients, once collected he will reinstate you to your position in the Guild.

[edit] First Offence

If your crime is theft from the Guild you need to acquire 20 Dragon's Tongues and 20 Redwort Flowers. Murdering a Guild Member will require 20 Vampire Dusts and 20 Daedra Hearts instead. A glitch that allows you to collect 20 of just one of the two required items affects this quest however, so pick your chosen ingredient and get 20 of the item and take it to Raminus to be reinstated.

[edit] Second Offence

The Second Offence requires the same ingriedients as the first offence however, you must have 20 of both ingredients.

[edit] Third Offence

Your third Offence will permeantly expel you from the Guild, never allowing you into the Arcane University again.

[edit] Note

  • If you don't mind cheating then you can just collect 1 of the ingredients, before using the scroll duplication glitch to get the 20 required.

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