Mehrunes Dagon

As seen in Oblivion as he attacks the Imperial City.

Mehrunes Dagon the Daedric Prince of Destruction, Change, Revolution, Energy, and Ambition. Mortals usually associate natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires, floods, etc, with the anger of Mehrunes Dagon. He is especially revered in Morrowind where he has leagues of cults dedicated to him as well as a hidden shrine. Dagon's plane of Oblivion is called Deadlands and plays a major role in the attempted hostile take over of Cyrodiil.

As a cult of Dagon's followers, the Mythic Dawn, attempt to summon Mehrunes Dagon to Cyrodiil so that he may lead a new era of death, fear and destruction in Nirn, an unknown hero rises up and helps the sole remaining heir to the Empire, Martin stop the invasion and banish Dagon back to Oblivion.

Another event that is blamed upon Mehrunes Dagon is the destruction of Morrowind capitol, Mournhold at the end of the First Era as well as the destruction of Ald Sotha, Sotha Sil's birthplace.

[edit] Artifacts

  • It's said that Mehrunes Dagon is the inventor and craftier of the Daedric Crescent.

[edit] Notes

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