Provinces of Tamriel

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The provinces of Tamriel.

There are nine provinces on the continent of Tamriel that fall under control of the Empire, on paper anyways.

Cyrodiil - Home to the race of the noble Imperials. (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion takes place here.)

Skyrim - Inhabited by the race of sailors, the Nord.

Morrowind - Home to the Dark Elf race, the Dunmer. (The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is based here.)

Hammerfell - Populated by the warrior race, the Redguard.

High Rock - Inhabited by the Breton race, who live in the major cities and towns and by the Orc race, who live mostly in the Wrothgarian Mountains.

Valenwood - Home to the Bosmer / Wood Elf race.

Summerset Isle - Populated by the High Elf race, the Altmer.

Black Marsh - Inhabited by the Argonian beast race.

Elsweyr - Home to the Khajiit beast race.

-Check out the history of the provinces and of the continent as a whole by visiting our Tamriel Page-

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