Report to Caius Cosades


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Seyda Neen

You will awaken in the bowels of an Imperial boat, detained for an unknown reason, along with a Dark Elf. He will ask you for your name, and you'll barely be able to reply to him before you are whisked away by the guards and escorted off the ship, which has docked outside of the Census and Excise Office of Seyda Neen. You will be asked for some preliminary information about your character's race and appearance before being led inside to finish the other aspects of character creation, and then directed to Sellus Gravius. He will complete your registration as a free citizen and give you instructions to report to Caius Cosades in Balmora and deliver him a Coded Package. It should be noted that there are various goodies to collect during this process.

[edit] Travelling to Balmora

There are two ways for one to reach Balmora. The easiest way is by paying Darvame Hleran a fee to ride there by Silt Strider. You can also talk to Elone in Arrille's Tradehouse to obtain directions for walking there. If you do decide to walk, there are a number of things to be foraged along the way, and plenty of monsters to kill. This will allow for you to garner a little experience, harvest some alchemical ingredients to use or sell, and enjoy the beautiful countryside the graphics team worked so hard on rendering for your pleasure.

[edit] Balmora

Once reaching Balmora, follow Gravius' advice and go to the South Wall Cornerclub, located in the southeastern quadrant of Balmora. By speaking with Bacola Closcius on the second floor, you can learn about the whereabouts of Cosades and will be directed to the northeastern part of town, where he lives. You can also skip talking to Closcius and head straight to Cosades' house, seeing as you already know where it is.

[edit] Caius Cosades

After giving Caius his package, you are asked if you are ready to follow his orders. If you say yes, you will become a Novice of the Blades. You can then ask him for orders, but if you are under level 4 he will only send you away with 200 gold with the instructions to gain some more experience. Once you are level 4 or higher, he will only commend you for it. Caius offers joining a Great House or guild as a good way to earn experience and equipment, and also encourages you to visit various Blade Trainers, who will give you free stuff if you are level 5 or lower upon making their acquaintance.

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