LocationFort Farragut
Related QuestsNone; Awarded for completing The Purification
FactionsShadowmere's , CreatureFaction, Player Faction, Imperial Legion, Prey

Shadowmere is a horse given to the player by Lucien Lachance upon completion of the quest The Purification. Shadowmere is very fast, strong enough to defend herself against most assailants, and she can't be killed. She is technically loaned to the player. If the player attacks her within sight of a guard a bounty will be incurred.

[edit] Notes

  • Shadowmere does become hostile when attacked by the player. Because she can't die she may be used as a punching bag to train combat related skills.
  • Shadowmere will automatically meander back to Fort Farragut after regaining consciousness. Mount her to stop her journey.
  • When unconscious she may used as a container. If you store healing items inside her she will consume them if injured.
  • when she regains consciousness she won't continue to attack the player

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