Sibylla Draconis

Sibylla Draconis
Sybilla Draconis.jpg
LocationMuck Valley Cavern
Related QuestsNext of Kin

Sibylla Draconis is a female Imperial residing in Muck Valley Cavern. Sibylla is almost feral. She is more likely than not to attack the player on sight. She moved into the cavern because of her lifelong love of animals. Her mother, Perennia Draconis, compares Sibylla's love of animals to her brother Andreas' love of drink. He entire day is spend walking about her cave camp. She niether eats nor sleeps.

Her attire consists of huntsman moccasins, huntsman pants, and ahuntsman vest. Her armament is a single steel mace.

[edit] Related Quests

Next of Kin

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