The Elven Maiden

[edit] Walkthrough

After fencing 100 gold you are now ready to steal Lady Llathasa Indarys' bust. Travel to Cheydinhal and find a beggar to speak to. The beggar will tell you the bust is located in the crypt in the chapel undercroft in the cities church. The undercroft used to be a place open to the public but is now under the watchful eyes of guards patrolling the church. Make your way to the chapels undercroft, only to see an Altmer guard patrolling the area. Move only when she is at the opposite side of the church unless you are have a very good Chameleon potion or spell. If you can grab the bust and get out without her noticing then job well done. If not here are some tips;

  • If the guard sees you, grab the bust and run out, the towns people and guards will kill her, as long as you didn't harm her the bloodprice won't be on your head.
  • Use magic such as Soothing Touch to calm her once she starts to attack you, run out, she won't follow you cause of the calming spell and you won't get a bounty.
  • Lastly, Raise the dead Countess's spirit (activate her tomb) and have the spirit attack the guard, hopefully this will distract her long enough for you to escape.

[edit] Busted

Once you have obtained the bust, through whatever way you deemed necessary, make your way back to the Waterfront. Once there you will see the place has been over run with guards and your quest long will show you need to speak with Methredhel. Travel to her house and talk with her about Armand, she will tell you that it was to flush out the traitor. The traitor is a Dark Elf named Myvryna Arano which shockingly enough is the same women that may have given you the mysterious note to admit you into the Thieves Guild. You must frame her for the stolen bust. Do this by going to her house and placing the bust into her cupboard, the closest one to the door. Make sure you remain undetected when breaking in and while in her house. If you are caught and arrested then you can just return and try again. Then talk to Lex about Myvryna, and convince him to search her house(must have at least 70+ disposition). Once this is done Armand will meet you in the Garden of Dareloth and promote you, give you another fence and tell you who your next quest will be coming from; S'krivva who resides in Bravil.

[edit] Notes

  • If you go to jail the bust will still remain in your inventory.

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