The Lonely Wanderer



[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] My Brother's Keeper

Speak to Vicente Valtieri to be told to report to Ocheeva from now on. Speak with Ocheeva and she will offer you a contract to kill a High Elf named Faelian, a man who was once a nobleman until he hit rock bottom after getting hooked on Skooma and resides in the Imperial City. The condition for receiving your bonus this time is simple: kill Faelian in a secure indoor location, something you should be used to doing already; please note that not just any indoor location will do, and there must be no witnesses. She also warns you not to give Adamus Phillida, a captain of the Imperial City Guard, any cause for concern because he has given the Dark Brotherhood plenty of trouble in the past.

[edit] Manhunt

If you ask your brethren about Faelian they will all give you fairly general information that won't do you much good, except for Vicente. He says the Elves of the Imperial City are close and any of them should be able to give you some useful information on Faelian's habits or whereabouts. Go to the Imperial City and speak with an Elf. Get his disposition at or above 50 and he should tell you that he lives at the Tiber Septim Hotel located in the Talos Plaza District. Go to the hotel.

If you speak with the innkeeper, Augusta Calidia, she will tell you that Faelian does indeed live there with his girlfriend Atraena.

[edit] Killing Faelian

There are three ways to kill Faelian:

  1. If you have a high Personality trait or if her disposition is 70 or higher, Atraena will tell you Faelian drinks his Skooma at Lorkmir's house in the Elven Gardens District. Faelian can be found there between the hours of 11:00AM and 5PM. The door is locked with Hard lock. Lorkmir can be found in the basement, slain by Faelian. After Faelian shows up, kill him. The deed is done and you will receive your bonus as well.
  2. Speak to Faelian and select the Skooma topic. He will ask you if you have some, if you do, give it to him, otherwise you will have to acquire some. He will mention Nordinor, his dealer in Bravil. You can buy some from him or Shady Sam outside the Imperial City walls. Alternatively, you can find it or steal it from various locations. Give him a bottle of Skooma and he will give you a key to Lorkmir's house and confess to murdering him. Enter Lorkmir's house and kill Faelian while he is there.
  3. The final method is to murder him on the spot wherever you find him. This will, of course, forfeit your bonus.

[edit] Reward

Return to Ocheeva in the Sanctuary and inform her of Faelian's death for a reward of leveled gold to a maximum of 600. If you completed the conditions to receive the bonus you will receive the bow, Shadowhunt. It has Damage Health and Damage Magicka enchantments.

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