The Noble's Daughter


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] The Problem

Go speak with Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal and he'll tell you about his old family friend Lord Rugdumph the Nobleman. Old Rugdumph is having a problem, as his daughter Lady Rogbut is missing. Head to Lord Rugdumph's Estate and speak to Lord Rugdumph who will tell you his daughter has been kidnapped by a bunch of ogres.

[edit] 'Saving' Lady Rogbut

Go outside and head east and it should not take you long to find the three ogres just standing around Lady Rogbut. They will gang up on you when they attack so a good Conjuration spell is advised. Once you've defeated the ogres escort the lady back to the estate and collect your reward from Lord Rugdumph.

[edit] Rewards

Rugdumph will give you Rugdumph's Sword which has Absorb Speechcraft and Silence enchantments. While you're here you might also want to head up stairs and steal the Nirnroot plant. Head back to Burz in Cheydinhal and you'll receive some leveled amount of gold, 1 fame point and if you've completed the The Stone of St. Alessia he'll restore your Fighters Guild rank back to Guardian.

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