The Purification

Fort Farragut


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Of Secret and Shadow

This is a filler quest designed to remind you to accept the next contract from Ocheeva. This will be completed after you do so.

[edit] Made Man

Ocheeva gives you a letter penned by Lucien Lachance himself. The Black Hand is most pleased with your talents and fast ascension. Lucien has a task for you concerning a matter that threatens the existence of the Dark Brotherhood. Meet him at Fort Farragut, his home and headquarters, to discuss the matter further. To prove yourself worthy of this honor he wants you to fight/sneak through the undead abominations guarding the ruined complex and get to his chambers. There is an easier way.

Farragut's Secret Entrance

[edit] The Easy Way

Approach Fort Farragut and walk left along the wall. Eventually you will reach a large, hollowed tree with a hole on one side. Enter the hole, look down, and notice a trap door. The door will take you directly into Lucien's chamber bypassing all of his guards and traps. This is a secret entrance and the way you are intended to leave after your business with Lucien is concluded.

[edit] The Long Way

Enter Fort Farragut through the front door and proceed to the first chamber. There is a bridge overhead in the center of the room. There will be a single Dark Guardian archer on that bridge and a melee Dark Guardian fighter on the ground level. Straight ahead of you is an open archway that leads to a small chamber, there is a dart trap in the two walls of the archway that trigger whenever you pass through. There is a Dark Guardian archer in the upcoming chamber. If in the main room you choose to take the door on your right it is locked with a Hard lock. Down this corridor you will encounter a Dark Guardian melee fighter. When turning left down the short passage there to the small chamber beware of two tripwires that will bring down a boulder trap. In this next chamber is the same archer previously mentioned. To your right is a narrow corridor.

There is a hole in the floor that will drop you onto a spiked floor. A little farther down the corridor is a Dark Guardian fighter. You have two choices of how to proceed from here: A lower-level corridor contains a Dark Guardian fighter with a dart trap at the end, it brings you out at the portcullis to Lucien's abode. If you decide to go straight there is a Dark Guardian fighter. Beware a pressure plate on the floor about half way to the portcullis; it causes three flails to drop.

Enter the portcullis and speak with Lucien about the nature of this job.

[edit] Let Sithis Sort Them Out

The Black Hand knows there is a traitor in the Brotherhood and that he is tied to the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. You are now above the Five Tenets of the Dark Brotherhood. Every member of the Sanctuary must be eliminated (you are too new to the Brotherhood to be the traitor so you are not a suspect), save Schemer and the Sanctuary's Dark Guardian, but you may take them out too if you please. To this end you are given two items that could prove assets to this mission:

  • A poisoned apple similar to those you can buy from M'raaj-Dar
  • A scroll called Summon Rufio's Ghost - It does just what it's name implies, it summons the ghost of Rufio. This is most useful as a distraction as the ghost doesn't do much damage and isn't particularly difficult to kill if two or more family members attack him together. The ghost won't start a fight with anybody. He will only attack somebody hostile to you.

Telaendril is out of town on Loredas and Sundas, she is on assignment to Leyawiin. On Turdas she can be found loitering near the Mages Guild well in Cheydinhal. On Tirdas she spends the day within the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn. All of this information and explanations as to why are contained within Telaendril's Ocheeva Note that Ocheeva keeps on her person. You can safely kill her alone, away from the Sanctuary, in Leyawiin or on the road between cities. Killing her isn't very difficult so one may wait for her return to the Sanctuary without any concern.

Vicente is allergic to garlic and you can use this to your advantage. Antionetta Marie has some garlic in her chest in the living quarters. Garlic causes Vicente to suffer Weakness to Magic 100%, Weakness to Normal Weapons 100%, Damage Strength 100pts, and Damage Endurance 100pts. All of this information is contained within Vicente's Note to Ocheeva. Reverse pickpocket a clove of garlic into his inventory trigger these vulnerabilities. As a vampire he is already weak against fire. A weakness to magic would amplify this weakness when attacking with fire based spells.

Gogron gro-Bolmog wears level-dependent heavy armor and carries a magical battle axe. He can hand out a beating very admirably and can take a respectable amount of punishment as well.

Teinaava has a magic sword but other than this there is nothing special about him. There is nothing noteworthy about Antoinetta Marie. M'raaj-Dar can use magic but will often close for hand to hand combat. He isn't particularly hard to kill.

The easiest way to kill any of these people would be with a sneak attack in their sleep. For Gogron this may only weaken him depending on your own strength and weapon but at least you will get a powerful preemptive strike and the opportunity at several more blows as he rises from bed.

  1. If you kill M'raaj-Dar the items he sells cannot be looted from his corpse and will never be available for purchase again.
  2. If you kill Teinaava before completing the quest The Renegade Shadowscale you will never have the opportunity to do this quest again.
  3. If you kill Vicente Valtieri before accepting his "Dark Gift" the quest Darkness Eternal will be lost to you, he will not be able to make you a vampire.

[edit] Reward And New Point Of Contact

Return to Lucien at Fort Farragut and he will reward you with his own horse, Shadowmere. You will now receive all of your contracts from Lucien, but not directly. You will pick up your contracts from dead drops. Each contract will also direct you to the next dead drop, where you can find your reward for completing the previous contract.

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