Tiber Septim

Tiber Septim (also known as Talos) is a member of the Nine Divines. Although he isn't the god of anything in particular he's the greatest hero The Empire has ever known. During his time as Emperor, he conquered all of Tamriel and brought a peace to the nine provinces that no one ever thought was possible. He then brought forth the closer of an era and lead a unified continent to the beginning of the Third Era.

[edit] Life Before Leadership

Tiber Septim was born in Atmora under the name Talos and migrated to Tamriel as a child. He spent his youth in Skyrim learning the art of Tongues and the strategies of war from the province's chieftains. He was unmatched in the arcane power of "Thu'um", also known as The Voice, or "Dragon Shouts", due to dragons also being known for using this ability.

At the ripe age of 20, he led an invasion of High Rock, retaking it from the Witchmen. Soon after, raging storms began to terrorize Skyrim. This meant that the mystical Greybeards, an ancient sect of the most accomplished users of The Voice, were about to speak. The Greybeards told Talos that in order to live up to his destiny, he must go south where he would one day rule all of Tamriel.

Once in Cyrodiil, he became General of the Colovian Estates, serving a future Emperor and current King, Lord Cuhlecain. With his Lord's army behind him, he met the invading armies of Skyrim and High Rock at Sancre Tor. However, when the Skyrim army saw Talos use the "Gift of Tongues", the powerful language of dragons, they knew him to be a son of Skyrim and the heir to the First Empire of Men.

In the year 2E854, Emperor Cuhlecain and his loyal General were nearly killed by a High Rock assassin. After the hired hitman slit Talos' throat, he could no longer use the "Gift of Tongues". Therefore, he ruled The Empire "with a whisper". Shortly thereafter, he took on a more Cyrodiilic name, Tiber Septim.

[edit] Artifacts

In the past three games, there have been a total of three artifacts that the player had access to.

[edit] Notes

  • Tiber Septim only had one child in his life; Pelagius.
  • Although it was never proven, it's said that Tiber Septim had an affair with Dunmer Queen-to-be Barenziah and, had her unborn child aborted.

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