Vicente's Note to Ocheeva

Vicente's Note to Ocheeva
From the desk of Vicente Valtieri


Damn that young fool Antoinetta and her
experimental recipes! As if the stench of her
cooking weren't bad enough, last week she made
a particularly offensive dish consisting of
mandrake, onions... and garlic! Garlic! I have
told her repeatedly of the danger this plant
poses to me, but she has obviously not heeded
my warnings.

It is strange, this reaction I have to garlic. In
all my wanderings, in all my research, I have
never encountered another vampire thusly
affected. It is true that some popular lore
holds that all vampires have an inherent
weakness to garlic, but this is simply not the
case. My situation, as far as I can tell, is
unique. If I were to somehow come into contact
with garlic, if it in some way came to be on my
person the results could be catastrophic. I
would most certainly suffer from a loss of
strength and stamina, and fear my resistance to
magic would be nearly completely nullified.

So please, Ocheeva, as mistress of this
Sanctuary, I beg you to keep Antoinetta on a
tighter leash. I love her as a sister, of course,
but can not be held accountable for my actions
should she continue to disregard my own
personal safety. The Tenets clearly state that
one family member may not kill another; but I
don't need to remind you there is no restriction
against draining Antoinetta of a few pints of
precious life's blood.

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