The staff Wabbajack, created by none other then Sheogorath.

Wabbajack is a Daedric artifact with an origin that can be traced back to that of Sheogorath. It has the ability to turn any creature into one of nine animals at random. Those being: a Deer, a Daedroth, a Goblin Skirmisher, an Ogre, a Rat, a Skeleton Champion, a Sheep, or a Troll; all equally likely to appear. This effect is what would be expected from the God of Madness and his strange sense of humor.

Although the effect only lasts ten seconds, there are a few ways that it can be used to your advantage. For example, If there is an NPC, such as a guard or civilian, that you'd like killed; simply use the Wabbajack on a non-hostile creature, such as a horse or summoned creature, and let the battle rage. If the NPC is still alive after the ten second period, simply rinse and repeat.

[edit] Notes

  • Very few creatures are immune to it's effect. Shadowmere and Llevana's Tunnel Rat are two examples. All horses are immune while being ridden.
  • The effect is exclusive to the staff. You can not enchant any other item or create your own spell with this effect.

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