Wizard's Tower

Frostcrag Spire as seen from an almost cinematic view.

The Wizard's Tower (or Frostcrag Spire) Downloadable Content (DLC) is the third of nine plugins to be released for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It costs $1.89 for the PC version or 150 MS points for the Xbox 360 version.

[edit] Details & Features

  • A brand new home with all the perks for a comfortable life. Designed heavily for the mage character yet supports all characters influenced by magic.
  • A treasure vault containing up to 20 chests for storage.
  • Contains one teleport pad for each Mages Guild guildhall in Cyrodiil. Also includes a pad that would lead to the Kvatch guildhall, however, it's still inaccessible.

[edit] Upgrades

There are 6 upgrades that can be purchased for the Wizard's Tower. They can be bought from the merchant, Aurelinwae who is located inside the Imperial City's Mystic Emporium.

Upgrade Cost Synopsis
Frostcrag Alchemy Lab 1500 SeptimCoin.png This room has a small garden with ingredients from different places in Cyrodiil, as well as some from the planes of Oblivion.
Frostcrag Bedroom Area 1500 SeptimCoin.png This upgrade provides a bed for you to sleep in, a bookcase, and a jewelry box. In the jewelry box you will find a pentamagic loop.
Frostcrag Library Area 1500 SeptimCoin.png This upgrade provides large bookshelves with lots of random books.
Frostcrag Vault Area 1500 SeptimCoin.png This room is a place where you can store valuables. It comes with 7 vault guardians who constantly watch over your valuables. Hidden in the room are also two graves, one for Lennasaan, and one for Rindsey. When you activate Rindsey's grave you get a Daedric Lava Potion, and when you activate Lennasaan's grave you get Fortify personality by 10, fortify speechcraft by 15, and fortify mercantile by 15 all for 800 seconds.
Magetallow Candles Box (x2) 4000 SeptimCoin.png These can be used on both the alter of spell making and the alter of enchanting. Once you have the candles on the alter of spell making, you can make you own spells. once you have the candles on the alter of enchanting, you can enchant your weapons with different spells for more damage, or different effects.

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